Labuan Bajo Activities: Things to do around town!

If you want adventure – there are many dive operators in town. As the currents and conditions int he park can be quite challenging it is essential to choose an operator that focuses on safety and small groups. Please check that equipment has been serviced and is proper working order, make sure that the guides can communicate with you clearly and know the area, be certain the dive center has insurance, check that boats have radios and telephone communication and of course – make sure they work with a reputable agency like SSI or PADI. Wicked Diving, Bajo Dive club and Laguna divers are all great operators.

Wae Rebo - amazing adventures

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Labuan Bajo Activities are varied and amazing!  Around Labuan Bajo are great opportunities for Kayaking, Trekking, Biking and more. You can even join in for Turtle Conservation or just some fun snorkeling. There are also the nearby caves of Batu Cermin. If you want a bit more adventurous РThe Snake cave! Finally Рthe most amazing trek is to the incredible Wae Rebo.

In Labuan Bajo are many small local eateries and stalls. While the selection may not be great – the prices are! With the recent growth in tourism has come demand for accommodation and food! There are several western-style restaurants with “Made in Italy” being simply the best food and service in town – far better than one would expect in such a remote location.

Accommodation ranges from simple wooden rooms with “lots of ventilation” to 4-star resorts. While the cheap rooms are not all that cheap, the midrange rooms offer a great deal. In exploring the high-end resorts – they are actually high-rise buildings without any personality. There are a couple of excellent villas you can stay in also.

On Flores near Labuan Bajo are relatively few tourist attractions, but within an hour or two are several truly impressive sites. From wild beaches to huge waterfalls the attractions are delightful. Just a few kilometers east is a steep ridge that takes visitors up hundreds of meters and offers great views. Exploring Flores rewards each visitor with stunning peaks and even multi-colored volcanic lakes.

Labuan Bajo is home to the Komodo National Park headquarters which also has a small office adjacent to the pier where tickets may be purchased for the park. Inside the headquarters is relatively little information for the visitor but the staff are very helpful and courteous. Learn more facts about the Komodo Dragons

For local boat tours you may deal directly with the local fisherman and touts on the main pier. while this may save you a small sum, it is important to remember that the waters surrounding this area have strong currents and other hazards. Make sure all the safety equipment you would expect to find are there – liferafts, life jackets, radios. There are many small travel agents in town who can help as well.

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Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

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Komodo Diving