Labuan Bajo Property

Labuan Bajo and the island of Flores are just seeing the first real taste of tourism.  So many of these visitors realize how good life is, how beautiful the setting is and how very kind-hearted the people are – that they wish to stay, to build a home or vacation rental. Now ranked among the most demanded travel destinations in the world, sought after by wildlife enthusiasts, bird-watchers, divers and cultural tours…Flores is beginning to grow.

Labuan Bajo Harbor at Sunset

Labuan Bajo Property – our harbor around sunset

Still free from shopping malls and fast-food restaurants – the charm is immediate. Sun, beauty and many different cultures make this the ideal holiday and most interestingly of all – one of the most magnificent places you could ever create a home or villa to live in.

There is a hospital in development and should be completed by early 2016. The new airport has been built and is undergoing certification for international flights. A harbor to handle large yachts is underway. All signs of healthy development and great opportunity for investment.

Whether you are seeking a small investment bungalow in the town of Labuan Bajo or Ruteng – or seeking your own beach, lake or mountain top – Flores is the most affordable option in Indonesia. Labuan Bajo hosts a brand new airport with aspirations of international flights, a port that hosts regattas and soon construction begins on an large yacht marina. Once a remote outpost, Labuan Bajo and Flores are rapidly gaining reputation as both a destination but a very sound investment.

The mingling of cultures, the flights to our new airport and this is all set within a gorgeous backdrop of dramatic landscape and lush scenery, Labuan Bajo Property is an unrivaled and undervalued investment.

Within one hour of Labuan Bajo can be found coffee plantations, private islands, limestone cliffs, forests of teak, hot springs, fossilized forests, forest filled with endemic bird species. Just offshore is Komodo Island where dragons still roam. Under the waters are found the schools of manta Rays, dolphins and pristine reefs that make up the Coral Triangle. There is a reason why people who want to live extremely well come to Labuan Bajo. The high quality of life and the low cost of living here cannot be beat and those that already live in Labuan Bajo will attest to this.

Labuan Bajo Property is the premier agency for Land and Villas in Labuan Bajo, but also around Flores. We have a staff of multilingual, international professionals who will help you in all areas of your search for the right property. We use the highest standards of ethics. Our reputation to give the best advice and the best service to our clients is paramount. We work with the region’s leading notary officials to ensure that you have the most comprehensive contractual protection in addition to our relationship with top legal council to advise on all acquisition matters.

Whether you are looking to create a vacation home, a full time year round residence or seeking investment land, we have many pieces of land in all different areas in and around Labuan Bajo. If it is your desire to build you own custom house, we are able to provide you with important contacts for architects, construction companies, and other building related professionals with proven track records of excellence and reliability.

Kayak through Komodo

Komodo Kayak Tours
Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving