Where to eat

With many new restaurants popping up and often only a brief stay in Labuan Bajo – it can be hard to choose where to eat. We have selected the best restaurants in town and listed them here. There are several resorts to the South, but they are not easy to get to and not worth the price in most cases.

Please understand that this list is not comprehensive by any means – simply our list of places to eat. You will find us in one of these places almost any night of the week – so take this as our seal of approval!

Labuan Bajo Street Stalls

Of course there are plenty of street stalls and small hole-in-the-wall places along the main street. While these do offer local delicacies – they all tend to offer deep fried products and a very limited selection of treats. for the best selection of stall, head to the North end of town along the waterfront in the evenings you can find more than a dozen stalls. This is where the locals will eat most nights. For a fun time (and crap food) look for the lady boy stall about halfway along 🙂


Labuan Bajo’s Best Restaurant

Made in Italy - Labuan Bajo Restaurants

Made in Italy. Simply the best. The cuisine is top notch as is the service. The owner/chef is always there, checks on each meal and prepares everything fresh. Yes – even the soft cheese is made in the kitchen. His efforts and work show just how good Italian food can be.

Throughout Indonesia tourist towns there are hundreds and hundreds of Italian restaurants – if not more. This is, by far the best Italian you will find. No – not just in Labuan Bajo but all of Indonesia. Yes – it’s that good. This is hardcore awesome Italian. There is a great view from the front half of the restaurant. Free Wifi.

The owner is on hand and often makes the meals himself, but certainly oversees everything.


Labuan Bajo Restaurants

There are several other good restaurants to be found. Of course one can go down in the evenings to the north end of town and enjoy the night market that has lots of (fried) food. It is also very, very cheap.


Mediterraneo – This is the new kid on the block. Big money from Bali came over and started this place. They have a good view and the sunsets are nice. Being right on the water can sometimes have a downside – boat engines, fish smells (and not the good kind of fish). The food is good…most of the time. There have been nights where we all lay back on the bean bag chairs and moaned about how full we were. There are other nights where the chicken was raw. Not vegetarian or vegan friendly (at all). Feels a bit like a warehouse and pretty free of personality. Free Wifi.


The lounge - Labuan Bajo restaurant

The Lounge is the classic old school Labuan Bajo restaurant lounge. Built on the steep hill right in the heart of town. This is nearly the perfect sunset. They play very nice lounge music and the staff are simply the warmest in town. If you come back for more than one night they remember your drinks and start up conversations. After a few weeks of this it stops being a place to eat or drink but a place to see your friends. Great service. Some nights they play live music and that’s not such a good idea in such a small place.


Almost everynight around sunset you will find the long-term foreign residents and diving instructors here. The food is hit or miss. Several good vegetarian options. Otherwise a great atmosphere and overall nice place to relax. Free Wifi.


Bajo Bakery – still quite new, and technically not a restaurant. However, the fresh bread is the best town. They also have great fresh muffins that will tempt each visitor. Great quality and very nice people.


Treetop – at the Southern end of the main strip (though if you go just a bit further there are many more non-tourist restaurants). A unique design, with a palm frond roof. The views are very very good and the owner is friendly. The food is suitable, typical Bali tourist fare. Very hit and miss on the quality.
Another place to find many expats in the evenings. Pool table on the main floor, usually dominated by locals. Free Wifi


labuan bajo restaurants - pesonaThe Corner – this was the original expat restaurant in town and it shows. The most central location and ideally situated. Sadly the food has gone into a rapid decline as has the building. It is one of the easiest places for anyone to find and if you are meeting anyone – this is it. But that’s about it. Free Wifi


Pesona – still listed in many guidebooks. This seems to be because it was the other option available. The food is mediocre (At best of times) and the service is deplorable. the night markets and the Warungs to the south are a far better way to spend your money.

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Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

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