Labuan Bajo Weather - rainfall

Labaun Bajo has very good weather through most of the year and treats the visitor to many a beautiful sunset. The rainy months of January and February are still far drier then neighboring islands like Bali. The climate is more arid and thus the region is much less like a jungle.


Even when it rains, it’s rarely for very long. Most typically is an afternoon or early evening thunderstorm. These are great ways to have the days cool off and clear the air.


It is only of concern for those seeking daytrips to the Komodo National Park. The small local boats are not safe and do not have safety features that one would expect – radios and lifeboats are rare and even lifejackets are hard to find! Only the larger Komodo liveaboard boats operate in January and February. Typically most tourism related businesses close during those months.


Labuan Bajo Weather : Climate

Sunlight hours for Labuan Bajo Weather

It important to remember that it is this particular regency that suffers more severely then the rest of Flores from the extended dry season period. For traveling terms this means hot dry weather and the increased purchasing in mineral water although by the sea in Labuan Bajo the effect of this is less dramatic.



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Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

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