Labuan Bajo Hotels

Labuan Bajo Hotels – Budget

  • Gardena. Once the default budget place, the Gardena hotel now offers new bungalows on the top of the hill with okay views. The old rooms, while falling apart are big with old beds, mosquito nets and private bathrooms in a shared wooden bungalow setting. The hotel also runs the resort on Seraya Islan (Rp 250,000); a stay on the island (2 nights minimum) can be booked at the front desk. Rp 150,000-250,000.
  • Bajo Beach Hotel. The beach part, is purely marketing. However, it’s clean and well-run, with the rooms of similar size and price to Gardena, it is worth checking out before putting down your bags at either. They are among the few that have western toilets. For an extra Rp 100,000 you can get a room with A/C. Rp 175,000.
  • Hotel Matahari. The restaurant has great views of the bay, and the rooms are located below it in two floors. The upper rooms still views and some sunshine, but the downstairs do not. (Rp 100,000 with own toilet and shower, inc breakfast). Mosquito nets are provided and needed. Fairly dingy but good airflow and nice lower deck for sunset watching. Rp 100,000-150,000.
  • Komodo Indah. Tiled, somewhat musty rooms with big bathrooms (Rp 150,000) or similar rooms with shared bathroom (100,000 Rp). The sole shared bathroom is shared by many, though, has no shower, and occasionally doesn’t even have water. The beds are comfortable. There are no mosquito nets but there are not too many mosquitos. Add Rp 50,000/night for A/C. Rp 100,000-150,000.


To get away from the noise the Golo Hill Top Hotel is excellent with great views food comparable to the Gardena but great service. It is a 5-10 min walk to town.

  • Green Hill Hotel. Boutique hotel (whatever that means) with A/C and big bathrooms. The service will netiher offend nor impress you and the problems they encounter (such as power cuts) are truly not their fault. However, the price tag this place comes with might make you expect more. However, if you want a reliable option and are willing to pay for that, this is your place. Rp 450,000.


  • Bintang Flores, (10 min drive south of dusty Labuan Bajo), [9]. Looks swanky. US$100-250.
  • The Jayakarta Suites Komodo Flores, [10]. 5 stars but not so luxurious. US$70-200.

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Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

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