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Imagine a tropical paradise that seems designed for divers of all skills and passions! Dozens of named dive sites –  reefs, pinnacles, walls, gentle currents and huge currents…but of course the richest marine biodiversity on earth! All this is only 20 km hour away from Labuan Bajo, Indonesia with an airport, hotels and great restaurants. There is a reason Komodo National Park is getting more and more famous for the diving and snorkeling. With a growing town like Labuan Bajo located so close and daily flights form there to Bali, there are now many choices for diving. There are several Labuan Bajo Dive centers now serving the park and many liveaboards as well.

Please choose only dive and snorkel operators that demand that guests do not touch coral, harass marine life, feed the fish or throw any waste in the water.  Ask to see the responsible tourism policy of any operator before departing on a dive trip

One can guess that in Labuan Bajo there are many dive centers that serve the Komodo National Park. We have refined the list down to a few safe ones. Please note that we have chosen not to include any dive centers located in Bali as they are not located close by, though they promote themselves as such. We have also not included “dive centers” that do not actually have any equipment, these are agents not dive centers.

Labuan Bajo on the Island of Flores is the nearest city to Komodo Island and with a selection of dive centers that grows each year, many resorts to choose from and a quickly growing restaurant and cafe scene…there is no need to book long trips from Bali. Aside from the visiting Komodo each day, you can also visit Rinca, nearby waterfalls and trekking. There are local dive sites that are very under-rated and expeditions that visit remote places.

Komodo Dive Centers are all PADI or SSI, though they will respect the certifications of most major organizations. As the internet and electricity is still a bit irregular in this part of the world – please bring your certification cards and logbook! In addition – have Travel Insurance that covers you for diving.

The four dive centers below are known for the safety, standards and good service. They are all highly recommended by guide books like Lonely Planet & Rough Guide. There are several more operating and more opening in the seasons ahead.

Komodo dive center: Wicked diving
Labaun Bajo - Komodo Dive center logo

Please be wary of dive operators that offer prices that are too low. When your life depends of good equipment, well-trained staff and properly functioning boats – there is no need to be too cheap. We also strongly recommend avoiding working with “agents”. These are “dive shops” that don’t actually own a boat and don’t even do the trips themselves. They are after your money – not your happiness. The worst place to book your diving is at some roadside stand. These are not even divers – let alone certified agents.


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Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

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