Istana Ular – Snake Cave

Suitable for reptile lovers.

Said people on the Snake Palace, this cave is home to tens or even (supposedly) could be hundreds of snakes, then the next step is … ..membuktikannya own.

Snake palace located in Daleng, around 70 kilometers or 1.5-2 hours drive from Labuan Bajo, Flores. It is in the middle between Labuan Bajo and Ruteng, precisely in Lembor.

We left at 7 am and arrived in about an hour Lembor 9. From Lembor, about 7 kilometers there is the village of East Daleng, well in this location the entrance to the Snake Cave Palace.

Although it is still early, the weather is very warm (read: hot). We stopped at the shop, and immediately surrounded by residents.

The problem in this village, a tour to the Palace of snake has not been organized. And of regional languages ​​which I roughly the father was mutually appointed to take me to the cave.

The first issue according to Mr. Sipri (38), a resident of Kampung Heak, Daleng village, is we have to walk a fairly distant. Alternative motor life there, but we’ll have to go down many times because at some point, the rocks were not at all friendly to motorcycle tires carrying two people.

I and Om Donatus (my drivers were very patient) decided to take the motor, leave the car and use the services of a guide.

From the matter of Garmin, the distance between the stall car park to the ends of the damaged road about 2 km.

We use two motors and only about 20 minutes, my bike stopped. Gasoline apparently exhausted, until the last drop.

With relaxed, Pak Sipri leave the bike and took me to walk. “Calm down, will not disappear” said Mr. Sipri, he entrusts the message to residents passer-by to buy gasoline in the village and linking the handlebars. Extraordinary!

Passable terrain, uphill, rocks and very dry. Apparently it did not rain in this area since June.Means nearly four months, since the time that I visited in early September.

Approximately 4 kilometers and 2 bottles of water later, we arrived at a hilltop. “This cave?” I asked enthusiastically. “No, there is still one more hill” replied Mr. Sipri quiet.

Then we descended the last hill slopes and Mr. Sipri appoint a small hill across the river.
“It was his cave. We have to cross the river. “

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