Labuan Bajo is a small fishing village and transportation hub that seems to have just realized the incredible local tourist opportunities. The Komodo National park is just offshore, featuring the famous dragons and is often listed as the best diving in the world. Flores island is a massive, virtually untouched island featuring some of the most amazing sites in Indonesia – let alone the world!

Labuan Bajo is made up of 2 streets that form a loop of one way traffic. The high street goes long the hills just above town and then the “main” road along the waterfront. The lower road is home to all the travel agents, dive centers and shops. The high road features a few of the in-town resorts.

The main pier is located right in the heart of town. The airport is about 5km away on the other side of the hill.

That’s about it! Unless you are staying at a far resort, your entire exploration of town will take 2 hours or so. Beyond there are small villages and incredible scenery. for hundreds of Kilometers!

About Labuan Bajo

Shops selling tourist trinkets, local fabric, and Komodo Dragon carvings are located in the center of town. If you sit in a cafe or restaurant for more than a few minutes, these trinkets will come to you in the form of optimistic (but incredibly passive) salesmen! Western products of varying quality are available in the kiosks alongside the roads.

Consider taking a trip to the market early in the morning to purchase local coffee, spices, or just to look over a wealth of local produce and goods

Eating in town is a simple affair – you can choose from The Lounge, The Corner Bar and the Matahari. Otherwise there are plenty of street food options.

Drinking in town is also pretty basic. The same restaurants above and then Paradise bar, which is a 10min walk north from the center of town is the only bar that is open until late and has a fantastic view of the sunset. Every saturday there is live music.

Kayak through Komodo

Komodo Kayak Tours
Please note that Labuan Bajo is a developing area. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are wildly out of date and inaccurate.

Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving