labuan bajo sunset

Labuan Bajo is the Gateway to Adventure - Komodo National Park is just a few kilometers offshore, perfect for Diving, Snorkeling and Kayaking. Near Labuan Bajo waterfalls, caves and forests abound on Flores for the intrepid overland traveller. Further inland are found volcanoes, multi-colored lakes and even home to Hobbits (Homo Florienses). The harbor is full of traditional sailing ships. Pirates, Dragons and Hobbits...Come visit us!

Labuan Bajo Diving

The diving and snorkeling around town is among some of the best in the world. Nearby is the Komodo park, with huge Manta Rays and large numbers of sharks and turtles. In the surrounding islands are vibrant reefs, exquisite marine life and pristine corals. Take some time out and look closely at the pygmy seahorses and frogfish. Often overlooked us the great muck-diving in the area as well.

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Labuan Bajo Hotels

Labuan Bajo hotelsJust a few years ago – this was far off the tourist route. Squat toilets and rooms with no windows were the norm. Now Labuan Bajo hosts several 4-star resorts, eco-lodges and some cozy home-stay opportunities. There are small hotels right in town and more in the near vicinity. No more are the days of super-budget back-packer rooms (unless you really want them).

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Komodo Walks

The only place on our planet that Komodo Dragons populate are the nearby islands of Rinca and Komodo. This very endangered species is the largest lizard on Earth and predate on animals ranging from small rodents to water buffalo! Best seen from a bit of distance – you can encounter them (with trained guides) on tours. Tours can be one day, overnight or multiday affairs.

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